Founded by Doug and Carol Nidd as a wildlife sanctuary, Rain Farm is run by their daughter Cara and her husband Chris.

The Founders

Carol & Doug, the founders and visionaries of Rain Farm.

Legacy | Rain Farm


Doug had been rehabilitating this farm for over 20 years. His intention was to have a safe-haven for his 3 sons and 1 daughter and their future families. Doug wanted his children to always have the option of a bush lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of town life, and so it began the start of Rain Farm Game and Lodge.

The Project

Taking on this project was a huge passion for Carol and Doug, and many a glass of wine were enjoyed whilst pacing out the lodge and designing the units to make it a unique experience for each guest.

The Project | Rain Farm

Stone Chapel | Rain Farm

The Chapel

The Stone Chapel was built in memory of Kenneth & Anne Marie Nidd, Doug’s parents. They were happily married for 30 years until Kenneth tragically passed from cancer. It was fitting to build the chapel and dedicate it to them as it represents them being happily married and together again, forever in love.

The stain glass windows that are fitted in the chapel were hand painted by Doug. It was therapeutic for him whilst he was undergoing treatment. It is a beautiful treasure that has been left by Doug for all to admire.

Hand painted glass windows | Rain Farm

Bell Tower | Rain Farm

Bell Tower

Carols dad, Vernon Volker, was a Nomads Golfer and the Bells are representative of their emblem. Carol & Doug decided to construct The Bell Tower in memory of Vernon.

After searching for a year they found a set of Bells that were due to be melted down and turned into brass taps.

Bell Tower | Rain Farm

Car Club | Rain Farm

Car Club

Doug was passionate about vintage cars. The car club would often take a drive up to Rain Farm and then relax having a social breakfast.

Doug used to personally take family and friends for game drives.

Doug Game Drive | Rain Farm

Peggie the Warthog | Rain Farm


Rain Farms tame warthog Peggie. She was loved and is still spoken about today by many previous guests.

Doug and Carol playing with Peggie.

Doug Carol Peggie | Rain Farm

Doug Nidd | Rain Farm

Doug loved spending his down time at Rain Farm.


Cara; Doug and Carol’s daughter, has now fully taken over the management of Rain Farm. She has always assisted her parents to achieve their dreams, she has had a key role helping it get to where it is today. Cara pushes forward with her Dad’s vision and her Mom’s enthusiasm. With a team behind her, Rain Farm is growing consistently.

Cara and Caracal | Rain Farm

In Loving Memory | Rain Farm

In loving memory

In loving memory of Doug Nidd
21 April 1954 – 21 November 2016

Love Lock Heart

Doug’s sons constructed the Steel Love Lock Heart in memory of their Dad. It was built at Impact Engineering, a company that was started up by Doug in his early 20’s. Impact is growing from strength to strength.

Lock Love Heart | Rain Farm

Cara & Chris | Rain Farm

Cara & Chris

Rain Farm is run by Doug and Carol’s daughter Cara and her husband Chris.