Outdoor Team Building Activities in Durban


A united team is a successful team. Whether that team is a team of co-workers, family members or friends, all are welcome to Rain Farm Private Game Lodge in Durban. Our expansive, gorgeous and amenities-packed animal sanctuary and game lodge are perfect for your outdoor team building activities.

Bond Together

We offer a wide range of activities to ensure that any group that visits us will leave unified and satisfied.

With outdoor team building for co-workers, we provide special outdoor team building activities suitable to your specific needs. Whether you want to build something, figure something out or find something together, you can rely on our qualified staff members to make your outdoor team building a success. These can be a great way to build trust and friendship and to have fun, especially after a long conference event.

If your goal is to simply spend time enjoying each other’s company, then we have plenty of amenities to provide that. From yoga classes and trail hikes to archery and game drives, you can enjoy a plethora of bonding experiences. You can even get involved in our Potjie competition, which allows team members to cook and enjoy everyone’s delicious food.

And, of course, if your group wants to enjoy a nice picnic together, they can socialize together with the gorgeous sanctuary as their backdrop. Whether you want to host a company or family picnic, you will love what we offer.

Book Your Stay

Whether you want to stay a day, a weekend or a week, we are here to make your event a reality. We are happy to host your group, whether you are here for a company event, a family wedding or a get-together with friends.

Please book your visit with us today, and call us at +27 (0)32 815 1050 to discuss any questions you have.